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Doctors identify several factors, the presence of which significantly increases the likelihood of infective endocarditis. Presence of heart valve defects. The etiology is not important - the structural disorder can be either acquired or congenital. Often, patients with infective endocarditis experience mitral valve prolapse, septal defect and other pathologies. Inflammatory process on the endocardium, which was observed earlier and was not completely eliminated Congenital narrowing of the aortic lumen Immunosuppressive therapy Presence of cardiac prostheses Pathologies of the heart muscle, which reduce its functional abilities Severe diseases and addictions also increase the likelihood of developing infective endocarditis - AIDS, drug addiction, long-term intensive care.

To prescribe the correct treatment for infective endocarditis, it is necessary to determine the causative agent, understand the degree of damage to the organ, the severity of the course, the presence of concomitant pathologies and other indicators. To do this, the disease is classified into several categories. According to anatomical features. Domperidone - a new lesion of previously unaffected structures of the heart Secondary - infection occurs on structures that are already pathologically modified Prosthetic - infection occurs on artificial valves.

Cardiac complications Complications that manifest themselves in other organs - lungs, peripheral vessels, brain and others.


Active endocarditis - easily diagnosed and contributes to the appearance of clinical symptoms Inactive - the disease is hidden, signs of inflammation may not be detected in laboratory tests. There are also several forms of the disease. No more than 2 months pass from the onset of the disease to pronounced clinical manifestations. Pathology often develops as complications of sepsis, trauma or surgical interventions in the cardiovascular system. Clinical symptoms in this form are quite pronounced; the pathogen is highly pathogenic and threatens the patient’s life. More than 2 months pass from the onset of the disease to the characteristic clinical picture. The symptoms are not as intense as in the acute form. Subacute endocarditis is often a consequence of an untreated acute form or an underlying cardiac disease.

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Endocarditis becomes almost chronic - inflammation and infection affect a fairly large area of the heart. Treatment in this case takes a long time, and the result is achieved with difficulty, since it is quite difficult to defeat the pathogen. This form occurs when the patient has an irresponsible attitude towards his health, in which he does not consult a doctor for a long time or does not complete the prescribed treatment regimen. This is also possible with long-term motilium therapy. Typically, symptoms begin to appear 2 weeks after the microbe is activated in the endocardium. The range of clinical manifestations is quite wide - from erased signs to acute intoxication.

First, symptoms appear that are characteristic of motilium 10 mg pills. fever and chills, sweating, weakness and fatigue, pain in muscles and joints, weight loss. Additional signs are: tachycardia warm dry skin enlarged spleen trophic disorders - dermatological peeling, brittle hair, vasculitis. When the pathology passes into the subacute stage, multiple organ failure occurs in the body, due to which symptoms can manifest themselves in disruption of the functioning of various organ systems.

The entry of bacterial toxins into the blood is manifested by weakness, shortness of domperidone, sudden weight loss, and fever. Disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract lead to anemia and sallow skin color. Damage to the vascular system leads to hemorrhages on the skin, oral cavity, and conjunctiva of the eyes. The capillaries become so brittle that they can be damaged even by minor injuries to the skin. Endocarditis can be distinguished from respiratory infectious diseases by the presence of lesions on the heart. The patient develops functional murmurs, myocarditis and heart failure are detected. Instrumental studies reveal valve defects.